10 Must Have Things When Traveling

  1. Money
  • Most travelers only bring enough currency for initial petty expenses they might spend in the country where they’re visiting. Then the rest of the expenses, they just charged through their debit/credit cards.
  • Always have a carry-on bag to secure your money.
  1. Documents
  • Secure all your travel documents like passport and visas in a small document bag or envelope and keep it inside your carry-on bag.
  • Make extra copies of your documents in case they get lost.
  1. Clothes
  • Pack the right clothes based on the weather in the country where you’re going travel like swimsuits for places in the Caribbean or warm clothing for places in Europe.
  • The number of clothes you need to bring must be based on how long your stay is. But normally if you planned a longer vacation, clothes good for 7 days or for a week will be enough.  You just need to make the laundry if you run out of clothes.
  • Bring fewer clothes to avoid any hassle of carrying your luggage.
  1. Camera/DSLR
  • Different adventures happen in different places so make sure you capture every moment of it.
  • Make sure to provide back-up (whether online or offline) of your pictures and videos, just in case something happens to the original copy.
  1. Cellphone
  • Communication is important in every part of the world. Whether you are traveling on your own or with a companion, you must always have a cellphone with you so you get a chance to communicate with other people in case of emergency or to simply update your loved ones if you’re doing fine.
  1. Portable Charger
  • It can help to avoid running out of battery considering you might need to use all your gadgets most of the time during your adventure.  This can be very useful for both camera and cellphone or any gadgets you have with you.  No more hassle of finding a place where you can get a full bar for your gadget.
  1. Flashlight and Whistle
  • These two items can be totally helpful especially when you are in need of some help if you get trapped in secluded places or areas.
  1. Prescriptions
  • You must have enough prescribed medications with you for the entire travel. Yes, there are also available medicines in the place where you are going, but you can’t be sure if that will be as effective as the medicines given by your own doctor.
  1. Alarm Clock
  • Make the most out of your vacation so better to get up early. The more early you start your adventure, the more places you can visit.
  1. Map
  • Find a map which can guide you for all the must-visit places within the area. This may also help you to avoid getting lost, to be on track all the time.
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